Pearsonified is down to one feed againWell, I’ve gone and done it this time. After nearly a month of operating with three different feeds (asides, articles, and both), I’ve decided to switch everything back to one feed for the following reasons:

  • I can generate an accurate unique subscriber count if I only use one feed.
  • I thought I would handle my asides irresponsibly and potentially upset some folks with a stream of meaningless content, but I think I really sold myself short here.
  • People seem to be enjoying the asides (especially the pictures), and since my implementation is somewhat unique, I’ve decided to simply make it a hallmark of this site and say the hell with it :)

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adam December 11, 2006

Hi Chris,
did you make these sites?
as i look at the css it says no, Scott Goldblatt did it.
but it’s the copyblogger theme.


Chris P. December 11, 2006


Apparently, Scott Goldblatt is responsible for both of those sites.

I’ve seen both Scott and Jim Turner (who owns the two sites) over at Copyblogger, and I’m certain that “I want something like Copyblogger” entered the design discussion.

That said, it’s one thing to draw inspiration from an existing design, but it’s quite another to:

  • Steal the CSS
  • Make a few changes with different header graphics, font colors, and borders
  • And call it your own work.

Brian paid for a unique design to set Copyblogger apart from the crowd. As such, his code is a product that he paid for, and it is not (and will not be) released for public consumption.

Cutline, on the other hand, is a free framework that I actually encourage people to use. However, two conditions apply here:

  1. The user must retain the original attribution.
  2. This must serve as the starting point for a modified design.

Although Copyblogger was based on the Cutline theme, I made extensive modifications to the core code to suit Brian’s layout.

I’m extremely bothered by Scott’s actions here, as they not only violate the initial Creative Commons that applies to Cutline, but then he has lifted modified code from a commissioned site.

It’s sickening.


adam December 11, 2006

As i see they removed the themes. I know that the theme for copyblogger is unique, and copyrighted, that’s why i wanted to show you that.
I just didn’t want to say, that they stole your work, because of two things:
there can be things i don’t know of (maybe you are all friends, and let them use it)
i couldn’t believe someone can be so stupid, to steal a b5media blog theme, and sell it another b5media blog
The saddest thing is that “designer” guy will continue to work as if nothing has happened, and if he did it once he will do it again, maybe not with your design, but someone else’s.


Chris P. December 11, 2006

Well, the best thing we can do in a situation like this is blow the whistle, and of course, all we can hope for is that it never happens again.


adam December 11, 2006

Yeah i saw over at copyblogger it worked out just fine.


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