The Fine Print Revealed — SEO for Everybody!

SEO for Everybody

Ever since I launched the new design here at Pearsonified, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the little website tweaks that can make all the difference in things like:

  • Search engine rankings
  • Traffic
  • Reader participation (comments and trackbacks), and
  • RSS and email subscriber numbers

One thing that these little tweaks have in common is that they tend to be extremely easy to implement, especially if you already have a bit of experience under your belt. Another, more unfortunate thing that they have in common is the fact that they are not as widely known or practiced as they ought to be!

Over the next few days, I’m going to change all that by compiling five of the most effective tips and tricks I’ve learned into one simple, easy-to-implement series of posts. This is your ticket to SEO for Everybody; now get in line and get ready to take your site to a new frontier!

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zoltandragon December 4, 2006

Chris, you’ve already helped a lot, I think all of us can only benefit from visiting your site – but, well, can’t wait to see this new “project” of yours! Thanx!


zoltandragon December 4, 2006

Oh, and don’t be too good to us… we’ll get easily spoiled… :)


doea December 4, 2006

I want to website like this


Ashrufzz December 4, 2006

Can’t wait for the free tickets :-)


Mike December 4, 2006

Hurry up and let us in … it’s cold out here and the dogs have …uh, “done it” everywhere !


Matt Moran December 4, 2006


Thanks for the great theme (cutline) and the great tips. I blog over at IT Toolbox (no, it is not my site – confusion over my book’s title and their site not withstanding).

On today’s blog roll (they don’t have a real blogroll feature), I pointed my readers to Pearsonified – great stuff.

Also, we are using cutline for my wife’s project. It works out great – but we are just getting started.

Thanks again.


Alfa December 5, 2006

Definitely looking forward for those tips.


damiant December 6, 2006


I only found your site a week ago, and am thrilled to subscribe to it. Love your work! Thanks for all the great tips – very much appreciated!


Chris P. December 6, 2006


Thanks a lot, seriously. Stay tuned, as there’s lots of good SEO tips on the way that will be very easy to implement.


damiant December 7, 2006


Very much looking forward to it. Thanks mate.


Alan Alston December 8, 2006

Hi there Chris

Under what type of license do you release your themes? We’re busy building a blog-engine ourselves – check out the progress here – – and were wondering if we could use your theme?



Chris P. December 8, 2006


Cutline is released under a Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Basically, this means that you are free to use the theme and make modifications to it however you please, but you must retain attribution that is “at least as prominent as” the original.

So in practice, you need to retain the footer links and also provide credit to me in the stylesheet.

Other than that, I say let ‘er rip! Looks like you have a pretty cool platform going there.


aleksei February 12, 2007

хочу выиграть ваш приз


Gav October 16, 2009

Great article, thankyou


Mark October 10, 2011

Just discovered your site and all I can say is ‘wow’. Packed full of useful information to improve websites. However, what I like most is the visual simplicity of the site and the great use of graphical images. So, even though each article has lots of text, it becomes really east to read, and it looks so professional too. An excellent job and something to aspire to.


Santos Guardiola November 21, 2012

I been searching for ways to get more traffic to my blog and I ran into your site and been reading every post ever since. Your post are so clear and to the point, that it makes them easy to read and follow. I have no doubt that by implementing what I’ve learned from your posts that I will increase my blog’s traffic.
Thank you for all the great posts!


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