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Mark Forrester December 5, 2006

Love the design Chris. Very clean and nice use of typography!

Only thing that I think could do with a change is the left column and the Google Adverts. All it needs is a header like the “Journal Sponsors” in the right column. Just to balance the grid structure a little.


zoltandragon December 5, 2006

Congrat! Another great work! Why don’t you put an online portfolio on this site – I’d love to see how you’ve become “digitally famous”! :)


Chris P. December 5, 2006


I’ve bounced around the idea, but at the end of the day, I realize that it will take me quite a bit of time to construct it just how I want it.

Right now, there are too many other irons in the fire, so my front page polaroids will have to do!


Chris P. December 5, 2006


That’s an excellent point about the left sidebar. I’ll see if I can come up with something there.

Initially, we kind of ran out of synonyms for the word “sponsor,” so I guess we just need to hit the think tank a bit harder.


Nathaniel December 5, 2006

Wow, that is a great piece of work!


Bucktowndusty December 5, 2006

first thing I did was look at that code CP. I likey alot!
Sweet design, clean code, executed nicely. Don’t change a thing, man.



Doug Karr December 8, 2006

Awesome, clean, design as (anything but) usual, Chris. Question: any fear that all the navigation is ‘below the fold’? That’s going to require some compelling content to get the visitors to move down and see the other options.

Just curious. (I have a lot of navigation below my fold, but I kept the key links on a nav bar across the top).

You’ve really got a knack for occupying space with a lot of information but leaving room to breath. Nice job.


Edwin December 10, 2006

Looks nice and clean. Great work.


Peter Flaschner December 14, 2006

Nice work Chris!


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