Deuce is trying to sleep on the Ab Lounge

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Pete December 13, 2006

Very cute! I miss having a puppy when I’m out at school. Do those ab machine things even work? I’m always very skeptical when I see the infomercials; good old fashioned crunches have always worked for me!


Ravi December 13, 2006

so….is the puppy training for the 2008 olympics?


Chris P. December 13, 2006

Pete — Just like anything, if you use it and focus on the area you’re trying to exercise, then yeah, it works :)

Ravi — Quite the contrary, actually. He runs his own blog, the premise of which is to test out different pieces of furniture and then to report on which ones sleep the best.

As you might imagine, he has really emerged as a “leader of dogs.”


Nani December 13, 2006



Jonix Konios February 9, 2007

:D very nice picture and dog. I’ve 3 dogs also (females) and 3 birds. It’s a noisy house here, no sleep for no one :)


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