Paris Hilton Likes My Designs?

Clonie Gowen, the reigning poker babe, challenges Paris Hilton to a $100,000, heads-up poker game for charityIn the wake of my How Much Should a Design Cost post, I received an ironic amount of emails from people (and companies) who were interested in both my work and my prices. The most unique and creative inquiry came from the head SEO guy for an online poker company. The project?

Clonie Gowen, the reigning “poker goddess,” is set to appear in Maxim in the very near future. To capitalize on her already-burgeoning fame, she’s going to challenge Paris Hilton to a $100,000, heads-up poker game for charity. The poker company wanted a small, simple site that would serve as both a linking hotbed and an informational repository for the proposed celebrity matchup. Enter me.

Will Paris play Clonie?

All the info about the “Paris vs. Clonie” matchup can be found at, which is, of course, what I created. Oh, and there’s an AJAX-enabled poll at the bottom – be sure to vote!

Paris vs. Clonie blog bannerParis has been quoted as saying she’s “lucky in Vegas,” and she’s certainly not the type to turn down a good PR opportunity. Because of that, I think she’ll definitely accept the challenge – assuming she gets wind of the whole thing. Fortunately, there is a confluence of PR avenues at work here:

  • Press releases today
  • Blog promotion and submission
  • Tonight (Thursday, June 22), Clonie makes an appearance on Fox Sports Net’s Best Damn Sports Show, and she’ll be talking about her appearance in Maxim and the challenge with Paris
  • Clonie will also be pimping the matchup (and thus the website) over the next couple of weeks via public appearances

All media outlets – from mainstream media to the blogosphere – love tossing around Paris Hilton news, so I think it’s a safe bet that Paris will, in fact, visit the website…or at least one of her pesky agents will.

Obviously, I hope Paris accepts the challenge, because that will mean I played a small role in a massive publicity stunt…and any experience I can gain in that area is good for the future, right Brian?

Pimp the challenge and help a brutha out!

I don’t get squat if this thing is successful or even if it flops, but I want this thing to rock out like a champ because it was a great experience…The SEO guy and I made some tough, “2.0” decisions in order to arrive at the final product here, which we think will accomplish the original goals. Working with him was great, and I want to see this thing flourish so he’ll look like a genius. So, grab the banner image above, and slap it in your sidebar with a link to!

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Devin June 22, 2006

That’s awesome and very exciting, Chris. Now you just need the introductions and you’ll be one of the luckier wedesigners, ever. ;-)


Chris P. June 22, 2006

I have been very fortunate in my six or so months on the gig…That’s for damn sure.


Brian Clark June 22, 2006

My little Chris is getting all grown up… I feel weepy…

Way to go man. Now don’t let all this fame distract you from the important stuff! :)


Jason Brown June 22, 2006

Hey Chris, just found your site and loved it, best of your local to me ( I’m Louisville native too )

I wrote a short snippet about you on my blog.

This is some great work you do man! Lets hook up at the Louisville Geek Dinner next time


Chris P. June 22, 2006


Yeah, like getting more fame :)


Thanks a lot, man! I was at this most recent Geek Dinner – maybe you thought I was some schmo who was in the wrong room?


Dennis June 22, 2006

Excellent gig Chris…..this should be interesting.


Mike June 22, 2006

Or maybe he was afraid of the big, dumb schmuck that sat beside you all night trying to get you to autograph his napkin !


Mike June 23, 2006

Very cool! I have to say that I LOVE your designs. You are a gifted and very talented designer. Our company runs 6 different websites such as (see and I wish we could afford you.

Feel like moving out to Kuala Lumpur and join a fun new startup? :-)


IrishWonder June 23, 2006

Wow Chris what a linkbait! Congrats! This surely has to be digged and you then take it from there ;-)
Hope your server is ready to handle it


Bucktowndusty June 27, 2006

Chris. Nice color scheme. Very nice.

Tried to located an email link for you, but didn’t see it(am I blind?)so I’ll just share something with you here.

Check this site out and tell me, as a designer, that you’re not totally impressed . If you’re familiar with it already, never mind.



Chris P. June 27, 2006


That tool is excellent. Wow. I may even try that out on my next full-scale design.

Highly recommended.


Bucktowndusty June 27, 2006

Glad you like…used to do the HTML thingy before the bubble burst in 2001 and all the designers did stuff the hard way. I share this site with all of them now, and they love it (not to mention another site that is totally necessary when your coding and are just plain stuck on some coding issues at

Buck (shameless self plub)


Bucktowndusty June 27, 2006

p.s. Not trying to be a kiss-ass (because I’m definitely not), but when I first saw your site I thought how good of a job you did mixing colors that I swore you must be using the colorblender already. Kudos to your skill, man.


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