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The ALL NEW Text Link Ads Link Worth Calculator!Ever wonder how much a link from your site is worth on the open market? Well, stop wondering already, and head on over to Text Link Ads to check out the brand-spanking-new Link Worth Calculator! Get a good idea what you could earn each month from text links, and find some of the comical easter eggs, too!

Of course, this slick little ditty was designed by yours truly, and the wicked-cool AJAX form interaction was coded by Justin, the resident genius over at Rusty Brick. My favorite feature of the calculator is the all-CSS “heat map” position selector, which I believe may be the first of its kind ever to hit the web.

Finally, in an age where everybody wants to make some money off of their blog, I’d like to add my two cents to this mix. Here are your options, as I see them:

  • Wait forever for your AdSense account to crank up over $100 so you can get that first check. Once you get it, you can go buy gas and a decent dinner for two…Enjoy!
  • You can sign up to publish ads with TLA, and you can start getting paid monthly. Your revenues will crush those produced by the piddling AdSense ads, and you’ll save some face on your design.

Also, be sure to check out the discussion on the Link Worth Calculator over at the Link Building Blog, which was the first site to receive a commissioned “Pearsonified” design!

The Link Building Blog - the FIRST EVER Pearsonified design!

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7 comments… read them below or add one

Jesse May 22, 2006

Just how accurate is this?

I find it hard to swallow that I could make 300 bucks a month for some links ads on my site…


Chris P. May 23, 2006

In most cases, it’s accurate to within 85% (or more). Essentially, you sign up to be a publisher, and TLA fills the spots you’ve commissioned for ads.

If you’ve decided to sell four spots, then they’ll find four people who are willing to place ads there.

To really understand why this works, you need to understand a little bit about the world of SEO. People running optimization campaigns are able to score links from PR 5 and higher sites by purchasing from TLA’s inventory of sites. In many cases, the “perceived relevance” of your site may not matter nearly as much as the overall Google power you possess, so that’s why your links have that kind of value.

TLA is one of the most practical means of monetizing websites I’ve ever seen. I’ve been privileged enough to learn a lot about SEO this year from some people who really know what they’re talking about, and I can see why the TLA model is such a huge success.

On top of that, consider this: search engines literally drive the entire internet economy. It should come as no surprise, then, that manipulating the engines for optimum SERP rankings is projected to be a 6 billion dollar plus industry in 2006. With that much money changing hands, what’s a measley $300/mo. to

Based on what I know, your links are TOTALLY worth that – to the right people. TLA is hooked up with the right people.


Mike May 23, 2006

Great design, btw.

Seems to be a fantastic job all around.

I’d agree that it’s better than AdSense, by far.

Do you think those ads, if they happen to be a bit off-topic for the site, will hurt their rankings ?


Jesse May 23, 2006

Hah, yeah, based on the calculator it’s definitely worth it, which is why I went and sold my soul and signed up :)

I always took my pr 6 for granted, as I got it about 3 weeks after my blog started, and I never did a lick of seo, so I took it to be a mistake and thought it’d go away, but I’ve still got it, and looking at the calculator that appears to be a good thing.

What really amazed me was how much better TLA is than any other system out there. If I popped boatload of adsense or YPN crap on my blog, I’d probably be lucky to make 5 bucks a month…


Chris P. May 23, 2006

Mike, purists would tell you that yes, they may hurt your outbound linking power. Despite that, I think this is precisely where TLA’s genius kicks in.

In general, people want to read legitimate things from legitimate sources. In the blogosphere, it’s fairly easy to distinguish the “good” from the “bad,” and on top of that, your top bloggers are about a million times more reliant on referral traffic than they are on search engine traffic.

Thus, hosting TLA ads is a great idea for bloggers, and also, buying TLA ads is a great idea for people looking to beef up their own SERPs. The hosts make money (and since their outbound linking power and SERPs probably don’t matter all that much to them, it’s a good deal). The SEOs, on the other hand, also score a victory because they’re able to post their ads on pages that get legitimate, real-world traffic (as opposed to all this made-for-adsense crap).

Jesse, I have another site,, which is just a test bed for designs and other random stuff that I do. Somehow, it drew a PR 6 out of the gate just like I think it did so on the strength of the domain name alone, as I’ve seen quite a bit of love going to domains that are both short AND in the dictionary. Pearsonified, on the other hand, despite its growing archives and increasing inbound linkage, is stuck on PR 5. I think it’s because you’ll likely never find “pearsonified” in the dictionary. Unless, of course, I can keep this blog running for the next 50 years, in which case I’d become somewhat of a cultural icon.

*Wakes up*


Matt June 8, 2006

Chris, after continuously “starting over” with my blog I think I’ve finally settled on a format that I like, however Adsense has never really performed well for me. Thanks for presenting me with this option to gain a bit of revenue to cover hosting while I slowly rebuild traffic and then try out some other affiliate programs (CJ or Yahoo! are ones I’m considering).

P.S. My friend linked me to your “Seize the Blog Moment” post and I’ve decided to subscribe to your feed. Keep the good stuff coming ;)


Kevin Kawasaki May 8, 2007

I find it a little hard to believe that that calculator is accurate, although it is a neat little tool :) For example, I have an arcade website at, and one thing I’ve learned is that links from different types of sites (ie. forums, news, games, etc) are worth different amounts!


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