Do You Think in Blog?

I have a confession to make. It seems like no matter where I go or what I do these days, I always find myself thinking in blog. Do you know what I’m talking about? Does this plague you as well? Let me give you an example. Perhaps you’re outside cutting the grass, or maybe you’re in line at a restaurant. Instead of thinking about the task at hand, you’re off in your own parallel universe, constructing paragraphs in the running blog entry in your head.

My MovableType stats tell me that I have 77 entries thus far, but I swear I wrote that many yesterday afternoon. Problem was, none of those ever hit the server.

Essentially, I have found myself going through my days, mentally “blogging” my thoughts at every turn.

So I wanna know…Do you think in blog?

We’re gonna have to come up with a term for this and bust up Wikipedia.

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Jesse April 28, 2006

You’ve only got 77 entries?

But yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

I’ve got 41 posts, but I’ve probably “written” (thought) a good 2-3 hundred


chartreuse April 28, 2006

i thought i was the only one who did that!


Sheila Scarborough April 28, 2006

I’m relatively new to my freelance writing career, and my Family Travel blog is only part of what I do, but you’re right, it is starting to consume me.

I’m constantly thinking of new things to blog about or how long it’s been since I’ve posted.

Good thing it doesn’t feel like work….



Dennis Bullock April 28, 2006

I find my myself doing that all the time. I used to have a hard time finding things to talk about but it really isnt that hard. Its life and our sites are like a reality show in text.


Devin April 28, 2006

I think the hardest thing is finding the time to sit down and put out something of a certain calibur.


stephen April 29, 2006

At one point last year I had about 100 posts sitting ready to upload. But too often they were out-of-date too quickly.
These days I keep pen and paper on me where I go, or type up notes whenever I can!

The last time I put some serious thought into this modern-day addiction, I could see how someone would want remain a BORG: Always wired to the network, your thoughts are shared with everyone, and you have a monitor in front of one eye and a notepad on one arm.
But then blogging would be the same as thinking:
Everyone can hear you thinking in the BORG Collective.


Tom Flowers April 29, 2006

Thinking in blog is one thing . . . but do you speak in blog? A friend of mine now converses in blogspeak; a term I may have just created. (what would be a good definition for blogspeak?) Or maybe it’s just me . . . perhaps I am thinking in blog!


Jennifer Grucza May 1, 2006

When I first started getting into blogging, I did start thinking in blog posts. But lately, my mind has been on other things, as you can tell by my posting frequency. :)


Shelli May 2, 2006

I absolutely know what you mean. A real life friend and I rate things on their blogability. We will often ask each other, “Is this bloggable?” They need to add a lot of words to the dictionary just from the blogging experience.


Kelly May 17, 2006

Absolutely, I think in blog. I’ve also started carrying my camera around with me everywhere I go, as I found myself thinking “this would make a great blog picture!” :-)


v[[-a,S;p/+E>r)S t;H'e %G,,r+aT^e June 11, 2006

I have also invented or coined over 30 specific blogology neologisms, that you can include in your mind-blog reveries.

To merge with one’s blog, become one with it, so you can no longer tell what is post and what is thought, what is real and what is text…this is mental deconstruction in the digital effluvium of the bloatospherical zoomorphism.

It’s not real until I blog about.


Matthew October 13, 2006

So that’s what you call it. Think in blog. I do that practically all the time!


Noreen Blanluet November 10, 2009

The mind bloggles.



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