Wake Up Sick

Here’s hoping today’s recipients of The Indie Virus wake up with a bad case of the next riduclous search string to hit the blogosphere.

First up is a site that has carved out an impressive niche in a very tight topic, SEO Memo. At the end of the day, the writers truly make a site what it is, and Skinner, the brain behind the site, is the total package as far as quality bloggers go. Generally speaking, SEO may not be your thing, but I swear, a quick perusal of SEO Memo may have you thinking otherwise.

Next, we have a site from down undah! One of the few blogs that I can honestly say I’ve read consistently since October (which is basically when I got into all of this) is the amazing Entrepreneur’s Journey by Aussie bloggernaut Yaro Starak. Fittingly, Yaro talks a lot about traffic generation, marketing techniques, and all things webepreneur, and something tells me that he’ll get a kick out of our little Indie Virus experiment. On top of that, Yaro effectively has a cough that can infect thousands of hapless readers, so I want him hacking Indie Virus as soon as possible!

Finally, Mike over at Simplenomics gets the nod because I’m sure my hardy germs can survive the short trip on over to Owensboro, KY. Mike, can you spread The Indie Virus too? Throw some of that internet marketing voodoo on it for me!

Help spread The Indie Virus so we can take a stab at Technorati’s top 5 search list! For details on the experiment, read this.

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skinner March 16, 2006

Thank you Chris! I’m flattered. I’m also here to ask where to send the cash for catching the Indie Virus! ;-)

Just kidding of course.

I love this idea.


Mike March 16, 2006

I saw a Trackback and the word Virus and saw it came from Pearsonified and I thought ” What The Heck…”.

Chris, my friend, you’re always two steps ahead of the pied pipers of blogging.

You go boy !

I’ll do my best, but Technorati lost all 13 or 14 of our blogs about a week ago and they can’t figure out where they are. More bugs from the pit of bugginess now known as Bugorati.


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