The World Pearsonified

I’m shamelessly looking for a Wikipedia entry here. When I talk about the world, I’m pearsonifying it, and umm, I’d be thrilled if that actually mattered to anybody. It’s not all hot air, though. I’ll be providing unique content based on a couple of simple methods that I think really generate interest among readers, and I’ll use this site to measure the success of that formula. Hopefully, we’ll establish a mutually beneficial relationship—I’ll love writing, and you’ll love reading.

If you’ve searched for domain names recently, then you know how hard it is to find anything relevant that’s not already taken. I mean, you can sit there and be totally creative only to find that you’ve been beaten to the punch by someone who is just as clever as you. When I was sifting through domain names for this site, I just about threw in the towel and decided to name the place Problem was, that name was taken, too! Since my name was already taken, I was forced to get semi-creative. Thus, was born, and actually, I kinda like it :-P

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Laura Urbanowicz November 14, 2005

Pearsonified…you are so clever:) Too bad you can’t do anything like that with a name like Urbanowicz! I love the pic. Anyway, I look forward to seeing this develop and become successful. The world needs more worthy sources of information and entertainment. You are certainly the person to provide that.


tfro November 14, 2005

Is it lame that I google friends of friends that I never have and never will meet? At least I’m paid well to do this.


lyndsay November 19, 2005

I think its funny to see this bla bla stuff about yourself, admit it you are just bragging to the world about how cool you are!!! I think its brilliant, good luck, and hope you get your super women :) I like the pics, poor little ducklings who are in poo water!! later- lg


savannah November 21, 2005

I have yet to see a single handsome creature such as yourself not have a girlfriend, but im sure you could have the pick of the liter ….. as I could myself but I choose 2 wait 4 the perfect mate…I look forward to your humorous blog and lovely pics each day….to u and ur quest:) savvy


savannah November 21, 2005

I wanted to say litter oh who cares ? you get it nerd boy…..


Ken July 4, 2006

I was looking all over this site for your contact info. I gave up, and decided to post to your blog. I would like to get in touch with you! I dig the website you have put up…Suggestion use a target blank on all of your outbound links. It is better IMHO.



Todd Johnson December 24, 2007

Yeah, I’ve encountered a lot of the same problems with ALL the domains being taken!!!


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