A 3-column template system with rotating header images
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Random, Rotating Header Images

What was the first thing you noticed when you came to this site?

The sleek typography set to a 20px baseline grid? HA.

Naturally, you noticed the huge header image! Photographs are the most visually striking graphical elements of any design, and when you place them in a spacious environment that is free of clutter, they pack an unparalleled visual punch.

In addition to their general appeal, however, photographs also afford people the chance to be uniquely expressive. With the Neoclassical theme, you’ll be able to include as many images as you like in the random image rotator, all with brain-dead-simple customization.

Don’t hide your photography skills any longer! Show off your finest “crop” with the Neoclassical Theme for WordPress.

For the record, the default header images are 865px wide by 180px tall, and for seamless integration, you’ll want to use the same size images for your rotating headers.


1 kristarella { 01.13.11 at 4:27 am }

Cat Cat — See this post to learn how to customize random header images.

2 Cat Cat { 01.13.11 at 5:02 am }

Thanks Kristarella… I have that, I don’t know where to load the photos…I dont know where to begin first. I have a folder header but not /headers. What folder are the default pictures in? Where do I load the new pictures?

3 kristarella { 01.13.11 at 5:40 am }

Cat Cat — you do have the folder “headers” in your theme folder because when I load your site that is where the image is located. E.g., http://www.northwood2irvine.com/wp-content/themes/neoclassical/headers/header_3.jpg

You need to access your site via FTP, or via a file manager in your host’s dashboard and then go to wp-content/themes/neoclassical/headers which is where you’ll find the images and where you need to upload your new images to.

4 Cat Cat { 01.13.11 at 12:56 pm }

Kristarella, Thank you so much. That was the information needed. I am very new to this. I didnt realize I needed to go to the hosting account. Thank you so much!!! All the best!

5 cahyo { 02.07.11 at 1:43 pm }

i really love using neo classical in my blog. thank you so much

6 Cat Cat { 03.10.11 at 2:40 am }

Does anyone know how people can subscribe to my website? I get asked this a lot. All they can do is leave comments. Does this theme allow us to have a subscription to our blog/websites?

7 Joshua S { 11.09.11 at 6:06 pm }

I’m a new person and would have a custom header and its own side bar info separate from my main blog page. If there is an easy way to do this that would be great. Please tell me