A 3-column template system with rotating header images
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Installation and Upgrade Instructions

If you’ve just installed Neoclassical for the first time, there is one more file I recommend installing before you begin tinkering with the theme. Download your own custom style file, custom.css, and upload it to your /neoclassical theme folder.

Whenever you want to modify the theme, isolate your CSS declarations in this separate file. This is a great way of futureproofing your design changes.

Upgrading? Read This.

If you’re upgrading to a newer version of Neoclassical, please take the time to check your theme files for any changes that you’ve made along the way. Upgrade packages contain all theme files except for custom.css, so essentially, every theme file will be overwritten unless you take some sort of additional protective measure (like backing up your changes).

If you have customized your rotating header images, be absolutely certain that you do not overwrite the /headers folder, because doing so will replace your custom images with the Neoclassical defaults. In other words, if you want to upgrade but you’ve got custom header images, do not overwrite your /headers folder!