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Random, Rotating Header Images

What was the first thing you noticed when you came to this site?

The sleek typography set to a 20px baseline grid? HA.

Naturally, you noticed the huge header image! Photographs are the most visually striking graphical elements of any design, and when you place them in a spacious environment that is free of clutter, they pack an unparalleled visual punch. [Read more →]

November 2, 2007   257 Comments

How Simple, Elegant Typography Will Improve Your Web Site

What is the primary component of every site on the Web?


Why, then, are so many sites – and WordPress themes, in particular – typographically challenged? In my opinion, the process of Web design must start with the content and move outward, and typography is the foundation for solid content design.

As a Webmaster, your primary goal ought to be to clearly convey your message to your audience. Whether you are selling a product, teaching, or simply writing about a hobby, you are guaranteed to fail unless you are able to communicate effectively. [Read more →]

November 2, 2007   253 Comments