Incremental progress is the right way to build a website

Watch my video about the incremental approach—the cheapest, smartest, and easiest way to build a website (and a business!)

One thing that’s always annoyed me about contract web design and development is this idea that you can actually pay for a finished product to be delivered within a particular time frame.

Nothing actually works this way. Fact is, there is no “I built this thing and now it’s done” scenario with a website (and especially a business site).

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Should you care about digital waste?

Watch my video and see why it’s so important to minimize digital waste.

Are you aware of how much digital waste your WordPress website is producing?

Did you know this waste carries an actual cost for both you and your website’s visitors?

Digital waste is an especially poignant topic in open source software (like the WordPress ecosystem), where the barrier to contribution is extremely low.

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Tools vs. Platforms: The Battle for Your Digital Future

Watch my video and see how thinking about tools over platforms will help you control your digital future.

With the rise of social media censorship and the seeming inevitability of major changes to the WordPress infrastructure, it’s become clear that your digital future is under assault.

The fundamental issue here is one of Tools vs. Platforms.

Nearly everything you’re accustomed to using online—social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, website generators like WordPress, etc.—is a platform.

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Gutenberg Will Add a TON of Technical Debt to WordPress Websites

Watch my video about how Gutenberg is going to add crippling technical debt to your website.

Despite sobering warnings from people like me, WordPress is going to move ahead and force users to adapt to the new Gutenberg post editor.

The big idea behind Gutenberg is that regular users will be able to achieve whatever they want (design-wise) with WordPress.

Unfortunately, this is a gross miscalculation, and even worse, this new “power” isn’t free!

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