Are You a Former Cutline or PressRow Theme User?

Sadly, the crew at have chosen to retire two of my old themes, Cutline and PressRow.

If you loved these themes and are sorry to see them go, don’t sweat it! Soon, I’ll be re-releasing both of these classic theme designs for free to everyone who uses the Thesis Theme Framework.

And thanks to the power of Thesis, these new versions of Cutline and PressRow will be more optimized, more flexible, and faster than their predecessors.

What is the Thesis Theme Framework?

Thesis is the ultimate theme—it’s a powerful template system that enables you to customize your design, tweak your SEO, and run a world-class website with ease.

While Cutline and PressRow were two separate themes, Thesis is a single framework that does it all. It runs underneath this site, my business site, and tens of thousands of others, and it can accommodate any design!

Thanks to this remarkable flexibility, I’ll be able to offer the Cutline and PressRow designs for free to Thesis users.

For those of you wondering, the Thesis Theme Framework is not available on blogs, as it requires a self-hosted version of WordPress from If you’re a blogger who would like help moving to the beneficial world of self-hosting, please give me a shout in the comments!

How can you get Cutline and PressRow?

Now that Cutline and PressRow have been removed from the theme directory, I’ve decided to re-release these classic themes for free as skins for the Thesis Theme Framework.

These skins are still in development and will take time to complete, but if you want to be notified the second they’re done, simply enter your email in the box below, and I’ll be sure to contact you.

Please notify me when Cutline and PressRow are available for the Thesis Theme Framework!

Thinking about leaving

Since you can no longer use Cutline or PressRow on, now may be the perfect time for you to become a user.

Personally, I think running a self-hosted version of WordPress is extremely beneficial because it gives you total control over your website and your data.

If you’re considering moving from to because of Cutline or PressRow and need help getting set up, please let me know in the comments so I can help you out!

Update: Here’s an article (including video!) that explains how to transfer your blog from to

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72 comments… read them below or add one

Adam Baird November 17, 2010

Awesome to see that these themes will live on. They’re two of the most used themes in WP history, and it makes no sense to discontinue them.

It also makes a ton of sense for them to be released for Thesis.


Daniel M. Clark November 17, 2010

I was a Cutline user for a while many moons ago; it was one of my favorite themes. I’m happy to see that it’ll stick around as a Thesis skin!


fred jansen October 19, 2013

Why did the WordPress team pull those themes off like that? Just to be mean with you? Sorry that happened. Definitely looking forward to how they look in Thesis.


Jason Richards November 17, 2010

Cutline rules!! It’s one of my favorite designs after and both Twitters (to name a few). If I don’t finish my design by Jan 1st, I’ll happily adopt the Cutline skin, if it’s ready.

Count me in Chris! Peace. \m/ \m/


Joyful Thiek November 18, 2010

The irony is I just downloaded Cutline today for my new blog (.org of course). I tried customizing Thesis to my liking, but turns out I had no idea what I was doing. So I’ll be using Cutline instead, with a lot of customization.


dinu November 18, 2010

sounds like a great idea Chris !! waiting for the release !


Martyn Chamberlin... November 18, 2010

Why did the WordPress team pull those themes off like that? Just to be mean with you? Sorry that happened. Definitely looking forward to how they look in Thesis.


Chris Pearson November 19, 2010

Martyn, WordPress gave a reason why they retired my themes, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to address that here:

…PressRow’s original creator has a history of building on WordPress while limiting the freedom of his users and violating the core WordPress license. Continuing to use a theme tied to the same author is bad for everyone.

Unfortunately, everything in the statement above is factually inaccurate. Worse, it makes me look like the bad guy even though the truth tells a different story.

For starters, the only thing I have a history of doing is releasing my work without any license whatsoever. When I released PressRow and Cutline back in 2006, I did so for free, and I encouraged redistribution. I followed this same pattern in 2007 with the Copyblogger and Neoclassical themes.

At the time, I was completely unconcerned with “licensing” my themes, and as a result, I released every one of them without a license.

Not surprisingly, I followed this same pattern with Thesis as well. From March 29, 2008 until July 22, 2010, Thesis did not have a proper software license.

Although many in the WordPress community have falsely stated that I “limited the freedoms of my users” and “violated the core,” the truth is that I never licensed Thesis in a way that was anti-WordPress or anti-users. In fact, I never licensed it at all—that is, until I adopted a WordPress-compliant, split GPL license on July 22, 2010.

Another important point here involves the DIYthemes Terms of Service. Technically, my company has never sold software—it has only sold memberships to a community of people who use Thesis to build better websites.

To me, it looks as though there are other issues underlying the recent actions taken by WordPress. Although I understand why some folks in the WordPress community are frustrated with me, I don’t think that grants anyone a license to use lies and grossly inaccurate information to carry out an anti-Chris Pearson campaign.

At this point, it all just seems like a bunch of wasted energy over nothin’ :D


Martyn Chamberlin... November 19, 2010

Chris, could you explain to an unsavvy guy like me how DIYthemes was ever less GPL compatible than any other theme like Genesis for example? That’s part of the discussion I’ve never quite been able to understand.

It makes no sense whatsoever why a company would reject a perfectly good product based on the person shipping it. This makes it look like WordPress still has a chip on their shoulder, and like Chris said, “At this point, it all just seems like a bunch of wasted energy over nothin’.”


Topwpthemes November 20, 2010

Yeah, me too waiting for the release.


Jhay November 20, 2010

Awesome news! You’ve just saved me a lot of trouble as I was thinking of using style elements from Cutline and then apply them to my blog which is running on Thesis.

I’d be sure to keep an eye out for the release.


Chris Pearson November 22, 2010

Hey Jhay, check out the unofficial Cutline Thesis Skin from one of our resident ninjas, Phil Barron.


Jhay December 7, 2010

Wow, thanks for pointing that out. Though I skipped with using the Cutline style for my blog and instead went for the original Copyblogger theme style.


Tom Courtney December 17, 2010

I use Cutline on Bit nervous about making changes as I fear I could lose what I have. Can I use Thesis with my present site or do I need a new Cutline skin when it is developed?
If I buy Thesis will it be installed by others as I read on one site I visited?
Separate issues. In addition to HOME, ARCHIVE & ABOUT, can I install an INTERNATIONAL section and a further section called say YOUR COMMENTS which runs similarly to this page or through a link to another site? With my limited knowledge I know I can do it by linking to differently named sites but I would then need to have three sites – one for each function.


Chris Pearson December 20, 2010

Tom, you can use Thesis with your present site. At this time, Thesis is only available with its default skin, which is highly customizable.

Despite this, some third-party providers offer Thesis skins, and as I told Jhay above, you can get the unofficial Cutline Skin for Thesis here.

Next, Thesis will not be installed by others unless you pay someone to install it for you. Many of our current customers have gone through the experience of installing Thesis, so our forums are a great resource for information on topics just like this.

Finally, you can do whatever you want with Thesis. As far as creating sections like you’ve described is concerned, that’s something you’d accomplish through WordPress. To do it, you’d need to create either Pages or Categories to handle the different kinds of information that you want on your site.


Freddy September 30, 2013

Thesis is a great theme and a must use for every top class blogger. Thanks a lot for sharing.


Samuel November 30, 2010

Thesis isa great theme and a must use for every top class blogger. Thanks a lot for sharing.


Magx December 1, 2010

Great News! I used your themes on most of my wp blogs but never tested PressRow. I would like to check that one out too.


Bryan December 1, 2010

I’ve been using cutline for a while before and loved it. This is good news to all thesis theme users and that includes me.


Adam Hicks December 4, 2010

Just wanted to comment and say that I actually like your blog design and the method you write too. It’s very cool to observe a blogger like you… keep it up. Thanks ;)


Emily December 6, 2010

I have a WordPress-based website, and would like help moving to the world of self-hosting. How can you help me? Thanks.


Chris Pearson December 8, 2010

Hi Emily. I just sent you an email to get things kicked off—you’ll be up and running with your own, self-hosted website in no time!


Graeme Grant December 9, 2010

Hi, Chris;

trying to get my website to work… if you compare it in Chrome/Firefox to IE you’ll see a dramatic difference… one, the background color doesn’t show in IE, but more importantly in IE there is this awful blue header band across every page (these are pages, not posts), with small text “Header” underneath my page titles… what can I do??


aelibrown December 10, 2010

Why did the WordPress team pull those themes off like that? Just to be mean with you? Sorry that happened.


Prakash December 15, 2010

Hi Chris,

Great posting with thesis theme which has the good looking & also be nice. This is an good news for all the thesis theme users like me. It will more useful & must use for every top class blogger. Looking forward to its release. Gonna check it out soon. Thx for this sweet sharing.


Oli December 16, 2010


I am a Thesis user, but I have actually only just made the connection between that and Cutline, which regularly made it in to my Top 10 WP Theme lists. Sorry to hear wordpress has removed the theme, and it is a shame that the WP founder is becoming increasingly egomanical (Take for instance his recent addition to WP which automatically changes any mention of wordpress to WordPress, or something to that effect).

Also, did you attend a marketing event the night before last with the Clickbank Speakers? I was there and only heard later that you may have been there.


Nicole, RD December 17, 2010

I’m on a platform looking to make the switch to .org — can you email me so we can chat more? :)


Duncan Seward December 17, 2010

Hi Chris,

I am sorry to bother you on your blog but I forgot my log-in information to thesis. I changed ISP and I neglect to adjust my account information. So…you are kindly setting my account info to an email account that no longer exists.

My old email account was Can you help me???

Best regards,
Duncan Seward


Chris Pearson December 17, 2010

Duncan, I just sent you an email with your DIYthemes login info, so you should be good to go!


Jeff Sebring December 22, 2010

I think it’s just sad when personal and ideological differences get in the way of user choice. The fact that the themes are so popular alone should be enough to leave them available.


Sergio December 28, 2010

Would love to get some help moving to self hosting. Love the website!


Marc January 4, 2011

Has it been released yet? I get an error when I try yo sign up for updates.


Chris Pearson January 4, 2011

Marc, it has not been released yet. I was just able to sign up using the form on this page, so please give it another shot!


hmcahyo January 4, 2011

Finally i found the answer here… i’ve looked for some time in the cutline and press row.. as i want installed in my blog.

OK Chris, i wait for the next news…


Ahmad Wali January 4, 2011

Hello Chris,

I am a big fan of thesis and heard lot of stories and personally I like the theme, but the problem is that on buying page the credit card payment processor is paypal, which does not allow me (from Pakistan) to purchase the theme. I emailed the support and given the solution to send a money order, but the money order charges are too much. Can you please add another credit card processing system that supports all countries or adding money bookers. I have no other way to contact you. I will wait for your response because I have no other solution. Thank you!


Chris Pearson January 4, 2011

Ahmad, unfortunately, adding another payment system is a significant undertaking, and we are already operating at max capacity as we prepare for the release of Thesis 2.0 (which has no set release date yet).

This means that we wouldn’t be able to add another payment system until mid-March at the earliest. In the meantime, I suggest trying the following:

Run your Internet connection through a proxy to trick PayPal into thinking you’re in another country. Doing this should make it easy to pay with any kind of credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, then I’d suggest purchasing a prepaid credit card for this purpose.


Polish Guy January 4, 2011

Cutline themes and designs has always been my favorite ever since I started using WordPress. It’s a good thing they’re replacing it with something new, I just hope the new designs could level the former or if not surpass it or make even better designs!


Ahmad Wali January 5, 2011

Is it safe to use a credit card over a proxy? that is a good idea I will go ahead and buy the theme.


Fazreen January 16, 2011

Hello Chris,
I just want to declare something, if I have the developer license means that I have the right to use thesis for my clients sites right? Does it means I can use it on unlimited number of sites?


Chris Pearson January 17, 2011

Fazreen, your understanding of the Developer’s Option is inaccurate. The Developer’s Option gives you the right to use Thesis on any sites that you own, but you do not own your clients’ sites.

In order to use Thesis on clients’ sites, you must purchase a Client Site Option each time you deploy the theme for a client. Got it?


Fazreen January 17, 2011

Thanks Chris for the explaination. Thesis theme for the win!


Be.So February 7, 2011

Thanks Chris

I started using WordPress


dennis February 10, 2011

Hi Chris, just brand new to WP and love the look of yr Thesis, the opening tutorial was geat (hit my own heart with yr perfectionsim, actually had me laughing, I was nearly 1 step ahead in modifications!)

Obvisoulsy being a newbie – I’m researching and came across this post – which kinda has me confused, so I’d like to hear your thoughts?

Thanks Dennis


Chris Pearson February 11, 2011

Dennis, that post was made amidst a great misunderstanding during July 2010. On July 22, 2010, I formally adopted a WordPress-compliant GPL license for Thesis, and that put the issue to bed.


Constantin February 11, 2011

Waiting for some sleek skins of Thesis. Any idea when those will come out?



Sara February 15, 2011

Hey Chris! I just found your blog and I’m loving Thesis. I want to put my blog through a total overhaul (URL, blog title–current one sucks, layout) and I have no idea how to make the move from to self-host….I noticed you emailed a gal up above (Emily), could we chat?


Jemmy February 25, 2011

I love this theme! Unfortuantely I got here because I am looking to download it, so far no luck, just a matter of time i know. Anyway thanks for the theme in advance :)


Thomas Gilbert March 10, 2011

waiting for the release


Vincent March 20, 2011

Hi Chris,

If I bought the Thesis Theme, would you be able to help me modify it? I know you recently did the theme for The Fashionisto. I would like to have something simple and clean but still looks professional.

Please, let me know your thoughts. Thank you.


Chris Pearson March 21, 2011

Vincent, unfortunately, I am not available for custom design work. I’ve never seen The Fashionisto, but I can assure you that I did not provide any custom design for them (though they may be using Thesis!).

As a foundation for your website, Thesis provides a simple, clean look with an emphasis on mathematically accurate typography. With this as a base, you can create any design and incorporate any functionality you like.


Vincent March 22, 2011

I see… I think Fashionisto is using your copyblogger theme and I guess they changed it using Thesis.

I have a question, What if I want to add slider images (as my featured posts) will that be possible?


Mohsin March 24, 2011

I love this theme! Unfortunately I got here because I am looking to download it, so far no luck, and just a matter of time i know. and Anyway thanks for the theme in advance.


Mezanul April 2, 2011

Eagerly waiting for the release. Thesis rocks! :)

Thanks Chris.


David Kirba April 8, 2011

Hi Chris,

I recently moved my blog to a selfhosted one. I used to use Cutline on till it was replaced by Coraline which I am still using.

I would love to purchase Thesis now that that option is available to me but I have a question regarding payment.

I am based in Ethiopia and do not have access to a credit card. However I can transfer money online via Moneybookers. Can I purchase Thesis this way?

I’m sorry I’m asking here, but I couldn’t find any contact information on the DIYthemes site.

David K


John Glover April 26, 2011

My first blog theme i used was cutline.
keep up the great work.


Anonymous May 4, 2011

Cutline and PressRow are great Wordpress themes. But there must be a great reason on why they have to retire those themes. Anyway, Thesis is a beautifully laid out theme. It’s very modern, simple, and has just the right balance of white space. And don’t forget that it has a remarkably efficient framework. I’ve also seen popular blogs that uses thesis theme. Thanks!


Dr. Lawrence Kindo May 5, 2011

May I know if these skin freebies will ever materialize. I am also not sure why Thesis theme is stuck with version 1.8 while other frameworks are moving on.

Should we think that Thesis is stranded and no further improvements are in the pipeline? Sure would like to hear your side of the story. Just want to clarify and know what should I look forward to in holding on to Thesis.

An ardent Thesis Fan!


Chris Pearson May 5, 2011

Dr. Kindo, to explain what’s going on with Thesis, I’ll use an analogy from the auto industry. Also, for this example, let’s assume that we’re talking about a single automaker who produces one vehicle.

Most of the time, this automaker only improves on the existing production model—it does not produce all-new vehicles. Every few years, though, the automaker releases an all-new model that replaces the old one.

Other theme companies are focused on adding bells and whistles to their existing models, and for good reason—there’s a lot of money to be made in that arena.

After releasing version 1.8, I decided it was time to take a different route with Thesis. Through my work, I discovered that I could build a new system that will completely redefine the way you think about building and designing websites.

Because of this, I decided it was time to commit to an all-new version of Thesis.

Since October 1, I’ve been working exclusively on Thesis 2.0, but I’m still not done yet. To answer your question, the only thing you should assume about Thesis is that the next version is going to be absolutely awesome (and the skins mentioned in this post will be a part of it)!


Dr. Lawrence Kindo May 7, 2011

Hi Chris,

Thanks for making your stand absolutely clear. I would love Thesis to continue to envision change and upgradation as you have planned for it.

Am sure Thesis 2.0 will blow me away when it comes! Will keep my fingers crossed till then.

Continuing to be,
An Ardent Thesis Fan!


Karl March 12, 2013

Chris do you know of any wordpress themes that would be good for a personal development website? It would have to be clean and precise and offer the user the easiest way possible to view information?

I have seen thesis and quite like the look of it but still not 100% sure on things.

Many thanks!


BlueShark May 12, 2011

Ah so many memories of cutline…

So sad to see that Wordpress can be so ruthless and not support people trying to make their software even better but I suppose at least we get to see a brand new cutline theme!


Mtoaginc May 30, 2011

Yes ! I am really happy to read this story you know my dear its really perfect instructions for the press row theme user. it has a big info.


lady June 4, 2011

the first fully self hosted blog i used was cutline… i knew your name sounded familiar :) how’d that taco bowl work out for you? probably getting started on that new project next week and will be looking at the thesis framework for sure!


Chris Pearson June 4, 2011

Hey lady, nice to see you here! I ate taco bowls for lunch and dinner nearly every day for about 3 years, so I’d say they worked out pretty well ;)

Good luck on your new project; I know Thesis will be a great fit for you!


Lanna August 23, 2011

I love your Cutline and one of my sites is still using it. I heard Thesis is a really great theme, that is why I came here to investigate. I have no idea why I didn’t learn it earlier. Anyway continue your great work!


Hans Gruber August 27, 2011

Dear Chris Pearson,

Thanks a lot for Cutline 3 which I use for my blog for quite a while already. It´s beautiful.

Is it possible with your “Theses Theme Framework” to make the following changes at Cutline 3 (not being a professional programmer)?

Namely these intended changes are:

* Widen the field for the blog-entries as well as for the comments of the visitors on these entries, so that there is more space in the breadth for the writing of text?

* Create more distance between the field with the texts and the side-columns on the right and left?

* Could in this case the image above the text-field and the columns also be lengthened?

Thank you very much


Ali September 28, 2011

The thesis theme has greatly helped me building websites for clients wanting custom web designed websites for their businesses – really greatful for that.


Foodie October 12, 2011

Sounds like a great idea Chris !! waiting for the release !


sassy February 23, 2013

Hi there,

Where can I find your theme PressRow?



Arpit Vimal March 8, 2014

Your themes are awesome nD I like your theme PressRow. Where can I get that?


James Butler April 16, 2015

Hey Chris, do you still have the Cutline 3 Column Spit Theme files?
My site was hacked and a viagra link placed in my site and I need the cutline functions.php file to match against mine and see if any code was injected into the file. If not I guess I will just go to a newer theme.


Chris Pearson June 30, 2015

James, I sold Cutline in March 2007 and no longer have anything to do with the theme, but I think you can find the files here.


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