At the 2009 SXSW, I did a quick little interview with my buddy Loren Feldman of 1938media. Despite the fact that I was massively hungover (note the sexy, drooping eyelids), I still managed to make a few good points about Thesis, the philosophy behind solid WordPress themes, and “social media,” which is the hottest, most unnecessary buzz phrase of the moment.

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Breno Nunes April 3, 2009

Hi Chris! My name is Breno and I need to talk to you in private man. It´s no bullshit, no small talk, believe me. And it´s also urgent. It is about the possibility of a partnership. I´m looking forward to hear from you.

P.S.: My English is far from perfect yet.

Best wishes,

Breno Nunes


Chad April 8, 2009

Thanks Chris, that was a great interview. I look forward to seeing more video here in the future, as you mentioned to Loren…

You should know I’m sometimes skeptical about the things you post here at Pearsonified (i.e., “does this guy do anything BUT push Thesis? It’s an awesome framework and all but sheesh…”) but I’ve never been disappointed when I actually get here; it’s always worth my time.

Thanks for that, man.


Shapia May 22, 2009

For a long period of time I was wondering who could be such a great designer. I have imagined many times he should be an old man man with white hair and shrinking skin. But now after seeing Pearson i was shocked such a young and adorable person is behind such a great design. wah that is really awesome.


mike May 22, 2009

wah… dead link. not even coming up on 1938media search =(


Neil May 24, 2009

“wah… dead link. not even coming up on 1938media search =(”

Same here, mike. I’d love to see this interview everyone is talking about. Can anyone link me? :D


mike May 24, 2009

“All I know is that you shouldn’t take site building tips from the guy, and instead run Thesis + WordPress” LOL… awesome.


pub June 7, 2009

Hi, I LOVE your Pressrow Theme. I used it on a free WordPress blog. But now I’m putting my blog on my own host with WordPress. The site you’re linking to, credit cards, is no longer using the theme and the only downloads I’ve found for the theme have problems. They won’t allow widgets and the pages for About and Archives don’t work.

Is there a download with the working theme as it is in the free WordPress blogs?
Thank you.


Einar June 10, 2009

Is this the interview? found the link in google… [link redacted]


Chris Pearson June 11, 2009

Einar — Why, yes it is! Thank you!


Jonathan June 23, 2009

hey thats great. um, is there a way to actually get a hold of you in any way? i purchased your theme (im rockin’ it on my blog currently), and am trying to register for the support forums, and to upgrade to the more recent version. i find it odd that i am unable to register without purchasing another copy.

sorry for using your comment section to ask this, but incredibly, there is no other contact info or forms on the diy page for customers.


Chris Pearson June 23, 2009

Jonathan — If you already own a Personal or Developer’s Option, then you are already registered for our forums. There is no separate registration, so all you need to do is log into the DIYthemes site (using the yellow pulldown form at the top of any page), and then visit the DIYthemes forums.


Jonathan June 29, 2009

…the problem is that I had someone purchase the theme for me, as they were doing customization work on it. I would have just bought it myself, but was having trouble using PayPal. This was on eLance, but have not been able to get a hold of this guy since he finished to get the login info. Is there some other way to prove that I bought this and get access to the the owners area? Is there a license somewhere in my design I can use? I am just looking to upgrade from 1.3.


Vanessa July 1, 2009

Hi! Hmm I’m not sure if it’s just my end of things, but I can’t seem to find that interview. The link’s dead; it says there’s a database error?


Marie July 1, 2009

Links dead for me too …


Einar July 1, 2009

refresh on the interview link lol :P [link redacted]


Vanessa July 1, 2009

Oh sweet, thank-you Einar!


Chris Pearson July 2, 2009

Einar — Thanks, buddy ;)


K. Aleisha Fetters August 11, 2009


First of all I want to say thank you for the awesome themes. I’m currently using your Cutline theme for my Wordpress blog, I noticed some time back that it has a random text emoticon in the top, right-hand corner… ha. Any suggestions on getting rid of it. Not that I don’t like it when my computer smiles at me, it’s just a tad distracting. I can code html and css, but can’t figure out how to edit it out through the free blog. Yeah, I’m cheap.

Thanks so much!


Chris Pearson August 12, 2009

Aleisha — The smiley face is something that annoyingly inserts into its blogs, and it is not part of the Cutline theme (which I haven’t owned since March 2007, by the way). I think your best bet for figuring out how to get rid of the smiley is to search through the forums. I can pretty much guarantee that someone else has asked this before!


K. Aleisha Fetters August 12, 2009

Thanks! I’ll hit up the forums.


Bryant August 26, 2009

First I’ve heard of Thesis actually, and I’m a theme designer as well. Very nice work man, keep it up!


chmuha August 31, 2009

Hi Chris! Sorry for offtopic, but I can’t find any contacts here.
If you remember I’m from your other brilliant “true project” :-)
You closed it and I didn’t get it if it’s forever or it’s become a kind of a close club. If I may have an invitaion, pls, let me know. This could be great, ‘caus your project is like a gasp of fresh air to me, really.


Chris Pearson August 31, 2009

chmuha — I’m not sure I remember you, and by my count, I only have one project… Thesis.


chmuha September 1, 2009

so mjtruth blog was not your project? There was the link to this site from there, so I decided you are the author. shame :(


Chris@GolfAdviceBeginners October 2, 2009

Not a bad interview if you were truly hungover. LOL. I am going to have to take a look more into your Thesis philosophy.


eeloh October 5, 2009

Hello Chris,

and sorry for another comment that is off-topic.

I run a blog for my local childcare co-operative, and I’ve got your Press Row theme, which is just perfect except for one thing: the blog name “Bentleigh Family Childcare Co-operative” is just too long and spills over two lines, making it look clunky.
Wordpress Help said I’d have to upgrade to change the CSS, but our centre is a non-profit and does not have the money.
Is there any chance of you doing a theme that accommodates longer titles?
Yours in total admiration


AngryTechnician October 19, 2009

Hey there,

Apologies for the off-topic comment, but I was over at your Themes page just now, and a couple of the links in the PressRow section seem to be going to a completely unrelated junk site about credit cards. I doubt this was your intention, so you may want to check those links…

– AT


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