Celebrity HackWhat would you do for a free video iPod, a free digital camera, or other free gadgety goodness? Would you write an article? Would you create a wicked Photoshop mock-up for a competition? Would you… you get the idea.

What if all you had to do was make people laugh?

It’s no joke; each week on, we’ll be giving away a free tech toy to the funniest commenter, as determined by you, the user, and our panel of snarky judges. On top of that, you’ll have lots of chances to win because you can enter one bit of comedic genius per post — and we’re posting as fast as I can add embarrassing thought/speech bubbles to celebrity pics.

Now go! Register (it’s free), drop punchlines like it’s your job (it’s way more fun than your job, actually), and win a killer gadget on me — this week, it’s a Video iPod!

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Vic February 8, 2007

I love the look and I think you have another successful site on your hands. Nice work Chris!


Arun February 8, 2007


That’s an awesome looking site, and it’s got some funny stuff on there! I’ve got a question for you — when you invite users to register using WordPress, doesn’t it bother you that they can view the Dashboard as well?

Anyway, great site. All the best with it :)


Robb February 9, 2007

Very cool site. If you don’t mind my asking, what plugin are you using to rate the comments.


Chris P. February 9, 2007

Vic — Thanks!

Arun — It’s not the most favorable setup on the planet, but they can’t access any internal data from that main dashboard screen. Because of this, I don’t really care all that much. I have, however, considered skinning out that screen to match the rest of the site and to hide “sensitive” (although inaccessible) data.

Robb — The digg-like voting feature at Celebrity Hack is the no-longer-supported Rate Comments Plugin by Theron Parlin, a guy who is basically the godfather of WordPress themes.

On an interesting note, I found another plugin that allowed users to vote on comments, but I found the one linked above to be far superior. It has 50% less code, and — this is the real bonus — it actually works!


ClarkeW February 10, 2007

Great idea for a site and another nice look! I am sure we will see some pretty funny stuff on there.


Lynch February 22, 2007

Hey, thanks for the heads up on the new site. I’m new here, do you guys have a blog network that you’re running or are these just friends?

Great polish on all your sites BTW.


mistercharlie February 28, 2007

Registration is currently down. Too popular already?!


Chris P. February 28, 2007

Mistercharlie — Due to an incredibly lackluster response, the gadget giveaway portion of our show is over.

However, the response to darn near everything else has been amazing, so I should be posting more than ever. Based on the last couple of days, I believe that this change will give me a better opportunity to intermingle with readers in the comments.


Mike February 28, 2007

The site looks great! I used to run a celebrity gossip blog as well called Scenegasm…be prepared to be a busy, busy man!! It’s a lot of fun though.

*adds Celeb Hack to his feeds*


Ted Hessing March 26, 2007


You are killing me with the text in that picture! If you’ll be at the battle of the “top engineering / football institutions in the country” this year let me know. Go Hokies.


Hagan April 19, 2007

What happened? After the bloggies I have seen a significant drop in posts . . .


Arun April 20, 2007

Chris seems to be busy with Celebrity Hack now. I keep checking every day to see if Pearsonified is updated, though. Where are you, Chris?


Daniel April 29, 2007


I haven’t found anyway to contact you off site. I just want to ask a simple question, since I’m using the Cutline theme.

I have the font that you’re using on all your sites for titling and design elements (the titling face shown in your sidebar here), but I can’t think of the name and can’t locate it. Can you please tell me what the name is, so I can stop pulling my hair out over here?

Also, where are you getting all these great 2.0 icons you’re using on all your themes?

Thanks, and sorry for the message here. But – you don’t provide any alternatives!



Chris P. April 30, 2007

Daniel — My primary branding font is the commercially-licensed Gotham, which is available from Hoefler & Frere-Jones at Gotham is often confused with Avenir, another commercially-licensed font that is extremely ubiquitous and available from Linotype.

My “icons” are actually dingbats in most cases. There are a huge number of dingbat fonts available, many of which are either free or pre-packaged with your OS.

On sites besides Pearsonified, I sometimes use icons from famfamfam, iconfactory, and other random sets that I’ve run across.


Daniel April 30, 2007

Thank you once again, Chris! I did initially think it was Avenir until I looked at the glyphs closely. I was also looking at Direct, but the lowercase ‘g’ is tweaked.

I’ll also take a browse through famfamfam and iconfactory. Thanks again!


Dave Butler May 11, 2007

you just got me in trouble with the wife. Those photos in the sidebar took some explaining. Somehow I related it back to blog research but it took some convincing.


Chris P. May 11, 2007

Dave — Sorry, man. Be sure to take a good look at those thumbs, cause I think I’m gonna be nuking them next week.


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