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Every now and then, I go on these kicks about different things I find on the web. Lately, I’ve been keenly interested in pics with funny taglines (see my Starbucks entry), and today, that went a step further when a friend of mine showed me some pics and comics that I thought were hysterical. I dunno, maybe I was just in one of those punchy moods this morning. Anyway, I thought I’d share the love with everybody.


Ok, this site is supposed to be informative, too, so in order to keep things legit, I like to throw in some work advice every now and then. Fortunately, today’s business-related tidbit comes with a graphical flowchart example, thus rendering my job totally easy!

Finally, here’s what happens when Disney’s UK website re-design goes wrong:

Crappy aesthetics and poor usability kill Donald a little inside.

Oh, and the comics are all from The pics? I dunno where the hell they came from because a friend emailed them to me.

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tfro November 16, 2005

i wonder where you got all these from… hmm.


Ingrid November 17, 2005

Haha, those were hilarious!
Ingrid Writer


Mike Rundle November 18, 2005

Hahah I can’t stop laughing at the ducks. Man that sucks for them.


Chris November 19, 2005

For the record, I have changed paragraph styling and removed floats. This has caused the weird paragraph alignment in this article (which shows up fine in IE – go figure), but it should be ok for the rest of the site. Any ideas on how I can move all that text around the already-floated pics WITHOUT involving the use of floats on my entry paragraphs?


Sh0Rti3 April 13, 2007

luv da duck one!!!
well, ttyl


Stone November 4, 2007



Anika February 15, 2008

LOLZ nice Comicz MAKE MORE


frank June 23, 2010



Veronica August 8, 2012

I think that the guy being guy was stupid but i really like the one with the police and the boy saying “help help!” all the others were funny too, keep it up cyber space. God bless the internet!


Veronica August 8, 2012

I mean gay bot guy


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